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So what will become of us?
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--- The Break ---

Kcin posted Jan 26, 16

Hey guys!

We all have to face the hard truth sometimes: we run out of steam at the moment. We need some time to regain our momentum in order to eventually come back at full strength.

But for now we, the Claw, are taking a break from raiding.

Feel free to have fun the way you want, have a good rest from the game if you want to, join PuG groups if you inclined to do it. In other words — enjoy your break time as you see fit.

We wish you luck in your endevours and we hope to see you again, some time before the Legion release.

Happy Holidays!

Kcin posted Dec 17, 15

Greetings, guildies!

It is that time of year again — we are celebrating RL stuff:P I wish you all the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years.

2016 will be the year of the new expansion and even before that — the year of ongoing efforts to conquer HFC Mythic:) Let it be a fun and fruitful year for the guild in general and every single one of us in particular.

But for now we have a little announcement to make:

There'll be no Raids from December 21st 2015 till January 5th 2016

Sam Merry Christmas to all of you and happy new year

5/13 M HFC

Kcin posted Dec 14, 15

Hello, fellow raiders!

It has been awhile since the last post, but we were not resting in beds, oh no! In fact we have been killing first 4 Mythic bosses repeatedly and tonight we managed to kill the 5-th of them — the mighty Kilrogg!

Ok, he was not so mighty after all. In fact he was dead once we used our very secret HC tactic on him. But still. GZ ppl!

Here is the pic of a poor big guy, saved from certain death by our glorious team, surrounded by his saviours.

Sonrange Easy kill :DD
Noáz Carenia and Sofara facing the wrong way..... Our "special" warriors
Sinsknight Why is ther no achievement on the bottum of the picture? :( Kcin!

4/13 M HFC

Kcin posted Nov 30, 15

Congratulations, everyone!

The Claw has won the battle against the first officially hard boss — Hellfire High Council. That boss requires great deal of skill and courage. But the Claw is exactly the team that has both! And a lot of luck on top of that.

So after just 1 day of tries the boss was down. Good job, team!

This time there will be no screenshots of lifeless bodies being stomped by mighty Claw heroes. Instead we will show you the whole band, standing (or seating) in the room, no longer occupied by the Council:

Lunarix Congratz guys!!

3/13 M HFC

Kcin posted Nov 21, 15

Greetings and congratulations!

The Claw is now officially inside HFC main building and not just wiping on trash, no, but actually killing big dudes! Huge and menacing boss, known by the name Kormrok, was defeated (without that many problems) by the Claw professionals.

Remember, we can always use even more professionals! If you consider yourself to be one - apply at our website! It is easy!

Meanwhile, here is the picture of our mighty team looking good with exhausted Kormrok at the background:

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